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3x Strength Magnetic Bracelet for Men

Three rows of ultra strength neodymium magnets, crafted with premium titanium, and a premium folding clasp.

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Fantastic product!!!

I use my hands all the time for tough work and have pain and circulation issues now. These bracelets relieved 90% of the pain and issues I have now within the first day of wearing them. I stared with one and was so impressed with their performance that I bought another the next day.
Mike S.

Works amazing!

I wasn't sure if this would work after I tried an Ion bracelet and had no relief. I'm new to having carpal tunnel, but everyday I would have tingly, numb fingers, mostly first thing in the morning when I woke up. So I spent the extra buck to get this bracelet, hoping it would work so I didn't have to resort to surgery, and it works! I rarely, if at all, have numbing in my fingers. I highly recommend magnetic therapy! 👍
Jessica G.

Best magnetic bracelet ever!

I’ve been dealing with chronic pain for years due to certain health issues including Adult onset Scoliosis .. I’ve had this 2 weeks and within the first week I couldn’t believe how much better I started to feel and I continue to feel improvement .. I can’t say enough about how happy I am with this magnetic bracelet!

Interesting. It works!

So I have been wearing this for a few months now. Let me clarify that I have certain conditions that cause swelling. This has surprisingly helped. Short of it attaching to various other metals there are no side effects. At the end of a day my ankles are typically very swollen. But since wearing this bracelet there has been very noticeable difference. So much so that I actually make a notable attempt to get it on first thing in the morning.

3x Magnetic Bracelet

Looks outstanding when wearing on every occasion. Very lightweight and comfortable and no issues during exercise or work (construction). Adjustment is also very easy. Clasp is strong and general quality of the bracelet I would say is absolutely superb. So from the quality and the service I can happily say is nothing less than excellent and I would highly recommend this company and their products to anyone interested.
Chris G.

Helps Reduce Neck Pain

I wear my magnetic necklace daily to help with neck pain. Unless I've got something going on that requires chiropractic adjustment, I often feel instant relief when I put the necklace on. It may not be complete relief, but it's a noticeable reduction in my pain or discomfort. I've certainly had fewer visits to the chiropractor since getting the necklace, which means that the necklace has more than paid for itself.

Magnetrx magnetic necklace

Always used nikken magnetic necklace past 25 years good pain reduction technology but there materials don't hold up over 2 years the necklace falls apart your magnet RX heavy duty magnetic necklace heavy links heavy clasp 5 times stronger then nikken I bought 2 necklaces from you n 2 weeks. Great product. Thanks
Kacie R.

What an amazing item!!

I bought one of these bracelets for my boyfriend because he had been having really bad shoulder pain! After a week he said it was for sure helping, he said it was just amazing! So I bought one for his dad for Father’s Day! He has been suffering with right hand pain for years! Well from the minute I put it on he thought he was crazy he could touch his fingers to his thumb, which he hadn’t been able to do in year.

Comfortable Fit and Helped with Pain

I was skeptical that this brace was going to do anything other than slip down, out of place -- but it's the best! It fits well and the magnets are placed in several locations, front and back, and around the sides. It was comfortable enough to sleep in too and helped with the pain I was having from beginning to walk on the treadmill. Very happy with this product!
Amazon Customer

Excellent Magnetic Knee Sleeve

Magnet placement based on acupuncture sites is superior to blanket coverage. Fit is good and stays in place. Fabric compression is what is needed to foster healing. I would recommend to those needing knee pain relief due to strains, over extensions, etc. It is not a brace for unstable knee joint. I ordered a back up pair in case out of stock in the future.
Lynn S.

I have no idea how it works, but it works.

I've already had success with copper/magnet bracelets, but wanted the ability to put magnets on an arthritic hip. Four magnets on my hip make a noticeable difference in pain relief. I wasn't surprised at this with my past success, but the amount of success from four tiny magnets was a surprise. The adhesive power of these stickers is amazing. I wholeheartedly recommend this product

Very pleased with the quality!

I purchased this product after having a very bad prior experience with another company with a similar product. I was very pleased at the thickness of the band, the ease of removing the extra links, and I do feel it has lessened the pain in my hand. I can’t say I am pain free, but I do feel that it has helped. This was only a few dollars more than the other product I had, but the quality is far superior.
Jean G.

Premium Quality

Perectly crafted designs paired with premium materials