Resize your magnetic bracelet with our included tool.
In the video we show you how to size your MagnetRx bracelet to fit your wrist perfectly.
These instructions are the same for all of our MagnetRX link bracelets.


Full Instructions:

Step 1: Wrap the bracelet around your wrist to determine how many links you wish to remove to achieve your desired fit.

Step 2: Find the rounded end of the needle on the side of the bracelet, it will be slightly indented. This is the side that you need to strike with the tool push pin to drive out the needle.

Step 3: Twist open the sizing tool, lay your bracelet over the tool and line up the tool push pin with the bracelet needle you wish to remove. It is easiest to remove links from the middle section of the bracelet.

Step 4: Once aligned, hold the bracelet in place with one hand and gently twist the knob of the sizing tool with your other hand until the needle is pushed out the other end. 

Step 5: Twist knob opposite direction to exit bracelet then finish pulling the needle out with your fingers 

Step 6: Repeat this process and remove desired links. Note: you don’t have to remove each link individually. 

Step 7: Reconnect the links by placing the rounded end of the needle back in with your fingers while holding the two bracelet links aligned together. Ensure you insert the correct side of the needle (smaller rounded needle end in first)

Step 8: Push against the base of the sizing tool or a hard surface to ensure the pin goes back in flush with the rest of the bracelet. If you are having trouble, pliers will work best to get the pin pressed fully.

If needed, there are two extra pin-heads included in the base of the tool. 


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