8 Best Copper Magnetic Bracelets for Arthritis in 2024

Are you on the hunt for the best copper bracelets in the market? Are you curious if these copper bracelets are the answer to your aching rheumatoid arthritis? Can it really possibly help you save money from medical bills?

In this article, we will not only list our most recommended, best-rated, and best-selling copper bracelets but also provide a detailed caring guide on how you can successfully maximize the lifespan of your magnetic copper bracelets yourself. As a bonus, we will answer all of your questions about copper jewelry below.

If you are curious about which copper magnetic bracelet is best for you, brace yourself as we are about to uncover the truth and lies behind this controversy. Is copper really effective in relieving pain, especially the pain caused by arthritis? If yes, then what are the best copper bracelets in the market and how would you know if they are effective?

Best Men’s Copper Bracelets

We have listed nothing but the best bracelets you can get in the market today so you done have to go through the same process.

1. 3X Strength Magnetic Therapy Bracelet - Pure Copper Bracelet for Men


Physically, men's muscle build is stronger and bigger. Therefore, we recommend a higher total of gausses per jewelry to achieve maximum pain relief benefits. With this in mind, MagnetRX has engineered a cool-looking men's bracelet that can house up to 47 neodymium magnets; that's a whopping 164,500 total gausses. Customers specifically love its well-constructed link structure.

Not only does it enhance its wearer's masculine look but it also provides maximum pain-relieving effects.

2. Ultra Strength Pure Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet (Leo)


The Leo Copper Bracelet is a unique piece of jewelry that offers a combination of style and health benefits. The bracelet is made with pure copper, which is believed to have some health benefits when worn in contact with the skin.One of its key components is the inclusion of 40 powerful rare earth neodymium magnets, each with a gauss rating of 3,500. This has been a popular feature among customers, many of whom have reported positive results in reducing pain and discomfort.

The bracelet's design is also stylish and comfortable to wear, making it a perfect accessory to add to your everyday look. Additionally, it features an adjustable sizing with included tool, which allows you to find the perfect fit for your wrist and it is also easy to remove or add links as needed.

Best Women’s Copper Bracelets

MagnetRX is the best company to buy copper bracelets for women. Each women's bracelet enhances feminine qualities like no other as we have crafted them to be one-of-a-kind and extremely stylish. With over 20+ designs, none of our bracelets can be found anywhere else.

3. Magnetic Therapy Copper Cuff Bracelet


For a slim and thin bracelet, this copper cuff bracelet manages to hide ten powerful magnets with 3500 gauss each magnet; making it stunning, appealing, and highly effective. 

If you are a magnetic bracelet cuff enthusiast, you'll know how hard it is to find a high gauss bracelet due to design limitations. However, our creative team of jewelry makers found a loophole and used it to our customer's advantage.

By making the ends of the bangle flatter and thinner, we were able to sneak in 10 neodymium magnets, increasing its effectiveness.

With its simplistic appeal, it has easily become one of our best ladies' copper magnetic bracelets and has quickly captured the hearts and eyes of our customers. 

Notably, our customers love how it can easily slip-on, especially when they always in a hurry going to work. 

4. Women’s Ultra Strength Crystal Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet (XO)


Crystal XO style bracelets are beautiful because of their unique design featuring the X and O symbols. These symbols are often associated with love and affection, making the bracelet a meaningful and sentimental piece of jewelry. But the real beauty of it lies from the hidden neodymium magnets underneath each links. The 26 rare-earth neodymium magnets of 3000 gausses each translate into positive customer reviews.

One even shared that the bracelet fits the bill for something fashionable but can also heal thumb arthritis. For this, it is undoubtedly one of the best copper bracelets for women.

Best Copper Bracelets for Arthritis

Like you, we have been rummaging the internet to find the best copper bracelet for arthritis, especially on the hands and fingers.

Here are some of the best magnetic bracelets for arthritis in the market today. 

5. Women's Ultra Strength Pure Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet


We selected this women's copper bracelet as the best magnetic bracelet for arthritis as it is not only crafted from 99.9% copper but also improved with forty inlaid powerful magnets underneath each link.

Each of its neodymium magnets offers 3,000 gauss which means you get a total of 120,000 gausses in just a small elegant copper bracelet. 

And as a cherry on top, all of its magnets are conveniently located on the wrist, close to the veins, and are positioned bio-north (-) facing the body for deeper penetration.

6. Curb Chain Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet for Men and Women


This best-rated copper magnetic bracelet for arthritis from Amazon is loved by many for different reasons.

Most of the time, you'll find bangle bracelets that only contain a maximum of two to four magnets. However, this one contains 10 powerful neodymium magnets.

Furthermore, each of its neodymium magnets offers 3,500 gauss per magnet, making it a powerful option for such design aesthetics.

Speaking of aesthetics, most reviews for this bracelet praises its beautiful design. Not only that, but customers also claimed this copper bracelet has helped their arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.  

Best Copper Bracelet Designs

All of the designs featured on this blog slay different designs but below are some of the best ones.

7. Celtic Shielded Knot Style Magnetic Therapy Copper Cuff Bracelet for Men. 



Having a hard time in selecting your first copper bracelet? Maybe you need to look for the copper bracelet preferred by many.

Going minimalist and simple seems to be the main trend in selecting a copper bracelet. To date, the best selling copper bracelet for arthritis on Amazon is this minimalist look.

It is thin, flat, and plain. Therefore, it offers extra comfort for its lightweight feel. Plus, it goes well with any attire as its simplicity complements any color combination and clothing style.  

8. Braided Twist Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Cuff Bangle

Rugged Twist Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Bangle


MagnetRX does not only focus on creating the most effective bracelet but also puts a ton of effort in developing attractive designs that nobody has done before.

Our most unique design is this rugged twist copper bangle, thus, it is what we deem as the best our best copper magnetic bracelet design. 

Copper Bracelets Proper Care

A complete guide to copper bracelet care, the following information answers all of your questions about copper bracelets.

When to Wear Copper Bracelets

There are several ways and cleaning agents you can use to bring back the luster in your copper bracelet. But, perhaps, the best step to make as soon as you own one, is to take extra precaution in handling and wearing your copper magnetic bracelet. That means, wearing it responsibly and refraining from getting it dirty.

Most people love to wear copper bracelets, especially when they start feeling the healing benefits it gives. However, this excitement also leads to wearing out the jewelry faster.

Therefore, we highly recommend taking it off prior to doing messy errands at home like general house cleaning, oven cleaning, painting, washing the dishes, showering, or even cooking. That way, you are able to prevent soap scums and other dirt build-ups in the different parts of the copper bracelet.

Practicing this daily can save you up to a year of not having to clean your copper bracelet. 

On one hand, if coffee, food, or other substances spill over your copper bracelet, be sure to dry it out with a clean towel immediately.

Aside from keeping your copper bracelets away from dirt, the above steps also help in making your copper bracelet tarnish-free. As a general rule, you need to keep the copper away from water because moisture exposure leads to tarnish.

In keeping your jewelry tarnish free, you must learn how to properly store it.

How to Store Copper Bracelets

Whether you want to store your copper jewelry after cleaning or after some time of daily wear, you must ensure that it is kept in a dry place. 

To do that, you need to wipe out sweats, water, and other liquid that it may have come in contact with. It is best to wrap it in an anti-tarnish paper as it will completely seal it away from moisture and humidity.

After that, you also ought to keep it away from the air because the sulfides in the air contribute to the tarnishing of copper bracelets. A great and cheap way to do this is through using ziplock bags.

Best Ways to Clean Copper Bracelet

After a long period of proper handling and storing, time will come for you to clean your copper bracelet. You'll know it when it starts to lose its luster. This definitely calls for the best ways to clean copper bracelets. But what's the best way to clean copper bracelets?

There is no one best way to clean copper bracelets because they are built differently. Some methods might work and some may not. Today, we will help you find the best cleaning agents to use for your copper bracelet.

Copper tarnish can be cleaned with acidic ingredients like lemon, vinegar, and tomato ketchup.

However, a major challenge you'll face in cleaning is when your copper bracelets have gemstones in it. The acid on the above-mentioned cleaners can damage gemstones so be extra careful if you have it. 

Lemon and Salt

A fast and easy way to clean your copper bracelet is through sprinkling salt on a half piece of lemon that was cut in the middle. This way, you have an instant brush to use. Rub it against the surface of your copper jewelry to clean it.

Please note that this method is not suitable for copper bracelets with more intricate patterns as the lemon does not have long bristles and may not penetrate deeper openings like a normal brush would.

In that case, create a lemon and salt solution instead and use a brush to reach through the holes of the bracelet. For a deeper clean, you can dip your bracelet on the solution for a few minutes. 

Keep in mind that this method isn't suitable for copper bracelets with gemstones in them.

Baking Soda Paste

A mixture that can be used to clean most copper bracelets, baking soda paste is a combination of equal parts of baking soda and salt, with some lemon juice.

The amount of juice to add depends on the humidity of your home. Just add enough to create a paste.

Then, using a soft bristle brush, gently blush your copper bracelet with the paste


Tomato ketchup contains vinegar in it making it a perfect copper bracelet cleaner. All you need to do is squirt some amount of ketchup to your bracelet and rub it against the surface using your finger or using a piece of cloth. Wet wipes will also do.


While vinegar alone can clean your copper bracelet, it is best to combine it with salt and create a solution. Mix equal parts of the two and allow the salt to dissolve completely on the vinegar before using it as a cleaner.

For a deeper clean, submerge your copper bracelet on the solution for 15 to 20 minutes. However, this method won't work with copper jewelry that contains gemstones in them.

Some of our bracelets do contain crystals so skip this and try the other methods.

For magnetic bracelets from Magnet RX, each magnet is sealed and encapsulated in an enamel coating so it is safe to use this method.

Copper Bracelet Buying Guide

We have received questions related to making your first purchase so we've decided to put up a guide for you. 

Where is the best place to purchase a copper bracelet?

The best place to purchase a copper bracelet is from a store who only sells real high-quality products. To find out, you need to spend time searching and reading reviews about the store.

Another angle to check into is the availability of magnetic copper bracelet options in the store. These bracelets bring more health benefits than regular copper bracelets so it makes more sense to wear them, over regular ones.

In looking for a magnetic copper bracelet store, you need to consider if the store uses high-quality magnets. The best kind of magnets to use for such therapeutic bracelets are neodymium magnets.

If the store does not disclose the type of magnets they use, they probably are using low-quality ones. All MagnetRX' copper bracelets feature all-natural rare-earth neodymium magnets so that's one place to start looking.

Which brand of copper bracelets for arthritis is best?

Whether you are looking for the best copper bracelets for arthritis for the hands and fingers or the best copper magnetic bracelets for vitiligo, there is only one answer we can give you.

Perhaps you should look at the quality of the products and not the brand name. The brand won't matter if they sell low-quality materials.

In order to get the best bracelet for arthritis, you need to find out the type of magnets the brand uses and the number of magnets they can hide underneath each bracelet. 

Ultimately, you want to get the best quality and quantity in one bracelet. The more powerful magnets it contains, the better pain-relieving effect it can bring to you, helping combat the unpleasant pain caused by arthritis. 

What is the best wrist to wear copper bracelets

The best wrist to wear copper bracelets is the one where you feel the most pain. If its the left wrist, go ahead and wear it on the left. The same goes for the other. Copper magnetic bracelets are here to help alleviate pain so wherever you feel it's going to bring the most pain-relieving benefits, that's where you are supposed to wear it.

Final words in getting a copper bracelet

We hope our guide has helped you decide where to buy and has made you confident in properly taking care of your copper bracelet. Always remember to look for both quality and quantity!


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